R&D Investment

20 April 2018

Admaterials Technologies has always been a pioneer in showing importance to invest on R&D projects which has significantly increased business revenue despite the firm’s capacity.

A*STAR being one of the enterprises which are best in their business had collaborated with Admaterials Technologies to provide exceptional solutions to Water, Soil, Green Material and microbiological testing. One of the notable achievements from Admaterials Technologies and A*STAR collaboration is achieving about 30 percent revenue rise in Concrete Cube testing by lowering the resource cost which had always been a hindrance to Company’s revenue growth.

As per Admaterials Managing Director Mr.Lu Jin ping, statistics show that Admaterials Technologies revenue has quadrupled in the past 5years. Trade and Industry Minister S Iswaran stated that Several other SMALL and Medium enterprises can realign their operating model to invest in R&D which subsequently will increase the country’s economy through better throughput.

Video Courtesy: Channel news Asia