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Our Policy Statement for Quality (Certification & Inspection)

ADMATERIALS is an independent legal entity that fully recognizes the importance of ensuring impartiality and maintaining confidentiality with the Company management structured to safeguard these aspects, as well as enabling the participation of all parties significantly concerned in the development of policies and principles regarding the content and functioning of the certification system;

ADMATERIALS shall operate responsibly, openly, impartially and objectively, in applying uniform standards to all certified companies and applicants alike;

ADMATERIALS shall be guided by the risk analysis assessment by the company, of the Type of Business vs Type of Customer, to address the potential risk to impartiality and conflict of interest when deciding on the choice of customer’s application;

ADMATERIALS shall maintain separate Quality Systems for Testing and Certification services to distinguish SINGLAS Accredited Laboratory and SAC Accredited Certification Body;

ADMATERIALS, as a Certification Body, will be responsible for granting, maintaining, extending, reducing, suspending and withdrawing certification.

The Quality Objectives of ADMATERIALS are to:

Provide independent, impartial, professional and focused third-party certification, which will provide added value to client organizations by complimenting business aims and objectives through support to QMS and production control processes;

Be seen by our customers to offer the best value-added service whenever they seek clarification on the scheme;

Be recognized by major RMC producers as providing the highest standards of certification services associated with the production and application of the material;

Respond to customer enquiries within 3 business days;

Deal with any complaint in an appropriate and timely manner, and where the complaint is justifiable make every effort to resolve the issue within 3 months from the date of receipt of the complaint.

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Our facilities in Singapore and Malaysia are ready to help